What is Giftgoat?

Giftgoat is a web application that allows people to mail customizable handwritten cards!

You no longer need to spend large amounts of time manually mailing cards.

Giftgoat is like a CRM for friends and family; you can keep track of relevant birthdays and mailing addresses, and then send these contacts cards and gifts.

We launch on the 1st of September 2020

We also allow you to automatically send cards, so that you never forget any birthdays or other special dates. You can change your automation settings to send specific people cards & gifts automatically.

We will also implement machine learning in the near future to allow users to send better gifts.

You can upload your own image to your card, or you can choose from our existing designs. You can also customize the handwritten message that appears on your card.

About Us

We created Giftgoat because we had a problem: sending cards & gifts was not easy.

We realized that we didn’t know the birthdays of most of our friends & family; we also didn’t know what their mailing addresses were.

We wanted to create a solution that would make it easy to send high-quality cards and gifts to your friends and family. We also wanted to allow this process to be automated to a certain degree so that we would never forget to send a gift or card ever again.

Purple Petaled Flower and Thank You Card