Automate how you send greeting cards!

Giftgoat automatically sends handwritten style greeting cards for you. You will never forget to send a card again!

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Sending cards with giftgoat:

Add contacts to your account.


Enable auto send.


We will automatically send birthday, Christmas & other cards for you!


Send cards from your phone

Don’t waste time handwriting cards & going to your local post office.

Our robots will “hand write” cards for you, using real ink pens. Send “handwritten” cards from the comfort of your home.

Auto send cards

Enable our “auto send” feature, and we will automatically send cards for you.

You can choose which occasions we automatically send cards for, as well as which contacts we send cards to.

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Upload images to your cards

Personalize your Gift Goat greeting cards with custom images.

Our easy to use image editor allows you to upload images to the front of your card. You can also add text and stickers!

Upload custom images

Receive birthday reminders

Gift Goat will automatically remind you about upcoming birthdays.

We will send you both email & SMS text notifications 2 weeks before someone’s birthday, and also on the day of their birthday.

Additional Features

Email Envelope

Send a giftgoat link to your friends and family to get their addresses & birthdays.

Icon Contact List

Grow your contacts list, and use it as an easy reference for mailing addresses and birthdays.

Retail Gift Cards

Include retail gift cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I include retail gift cards with my handwritten style greeting cards?

Yes, you can include physical retail gift cards with your handwritten style greeting cards. We offer many great gift card options, such as: Amazon, Starbucks, Home Depot and more! When you select a gift card with your order, we place the physical gift card inside the envelope with your handwritten style greeting card.

Can I send greeting cards to any country?

Yes, you can send our greeting cards to any country. However, orders that include retail gift cards can only be sent to addresses in the US.

How long will it take for my card to be delivered?

If you are sending a card to an address in the US, then it usually takes 3 to 4 business days for the card to arrive at its destination. If you are sending the card internationally (outside the US), then it can take up to 15 days to arrive.

Can I customize my cards?

Yes, you can fully customize the images and messages that appear on your cards! Even though we give our users the option to “auto send” cards to their contacts, we still allow our users to fully customize their cards, even when using our “auto send” feature.

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