Mail handwritten cards from your phone!

Envelope with a Handwritten Card

Sending cards with giftgoat:

Select a giftgoat card or upload your own image.


Add a custom message.


Send. We will take care of the rest!


Quality cards that you can trust

We use special machines that hold real ink pens to write our “handwritten” cards.

Our cards look like they were handwritten by a real person!

Additional Features

Retail Gift Cards

Include retail gift card.

Card Autosend

Autosend birthday cards to friends & family so you never forget.

Contact Updates

Send a giftgoat link to your friends and family to get their addresses & birthdays.

Use giftgoat for your ecommerce business

Want to automatically send your customers handwritten “thank you” cards?

Customer purchases something from your website.


We automatically send your customer a custom “thank you” card.


Customer loyalty, repeat business & referrals increase!